Coaching Corner

We have brought together a team of experienced coaches who, as a group have developed a coaching strategy and style that has been adopted by the club, for the benefit of the club and its players.  It will harness all experience, ideas and coaching styles and ensure that all teams are together in their approach.  There will not be disparate teams playing under a club banner; there will be a club, united by the players playing for it and enjoying their football.

If we have to be judged, it will on the quality of players produced and the way we play and behave both on and off the pitch, not on the amount of trophies we win.  To produce these players within our club we need to have coaches and volunteers who have an understanding of exactly what it is we are trying to achieve.

We have clearly taken a great stride in that direction.
4x4 small sided game



Small Sided Games Manual



U7's & U8's Their Game



Under 7 and Under 8 Their Game




U10's & U9's Their Game



Under 9 and Under 10 Their Game