Pre-School (Football Cubs)

Atherfold SimonSimon Atherfold, manager of Football Cubs an ex. professional footballer and a qualified FA Level 2 coach who has been coaching both in the UK and abroad for over twenty years.  He has for the past ten years, specialised in developing under 5s and says of this age group:

“You start with the basic raw materials at this stage and with guidance and coaching; witness a dramatic improvement every time, in terms of co-ordination, motor skills, behavioural and social skills.”   

With child obesity increasing, primarily in the pre-school age group, the NHS is aiming to demonstrate just how important an early introduction into sports based activities is to give children a basic level of fitness and the best possible start in sport.  Allied to the obvious physical benefits, taking part in sport gives to our young children, research actually shows that children who are physically active from a young age are more likely to concentrate better in the classroom.

Football Cubs keep the focus around the three key areas of educational, social and physical development, believing football to be the perfect activity for pre-school children.

Our well structured, lively sessions are delivered in a friendly, pressure free, fun learning environment in which young children will improve confidence and self esteem through success, enjoyment and achievement.  We will introduce a programme of fun games and activities to aid your child’s social development skills (listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork) whilst making new friends along the way and having lots of fun.  At the same time they will be learning the basic catching, running, passing and kicking techniques.

Parents are invited to stay for the sessions and are very welcome to join in if they want to or to help their child if required.  This makes the experience even more positive for the child if they see you having fun too!

These sessions have been designed to cater for three age groups:

Wolston 2Mini Cubs (boys and girls ages 2 to 3) Using specific, age-related equipment and learning aids, the emphasis here is always on fun and structured play.  Learning numeracy and colour recognition as well as developing balance and coordination, with full parental participation or course!

Little Lions (boys and girls ages 3 to 4) Building on the basic ball skills from Mini Cubs and now joining in with team play and sharing and increasing their confidence.

Lion Cubs (boys and girls ages 4 – 5 years) Moving on to higher level skills, Lion Cubs learn  slightly more advanced techniques in passing dribbling, shooting and the art of scoring goals where everyone is a winner.  From here they can move seamlessly into the main body of Baginton Lions and get involved in Saturday morning coaching.