All of our coaches specialise in the development of younger players, are fully FA qualified, CRB checked and First Aid trained.  They also understand the needs and have experience in the requirements of children at this level.
Under 7 8 9We have ex-professional footballers amongst our UEFA/FA coaching team and we base our development strategy upon the own newly created Lions4s  philosophy, an approach to coaching young children that has been created to link in with the Football Association’s plans to redevelop children’s football.

The smaller the number of players in each team the more touches of the ball, thereby giving players more confidence and more time to enjoy the sport.  We, at Baginton Lions are also aware that whilst coaching is an important part of young player development; positive support and encouragement on the sidelines is also a massive contributing factor.

Lions4s  is a small-sided (4v4) football development concept introduced to youngsters aged 4 to 6.  The game is played with optional goalkeepers and children are encouraged to express themselves without fear of making mistakes and hearing a harsh word from the touchline.  There is a very simple format and is designed very simply, for players to have fun!

The pitch size is directly related to the age of the player, allowing them an equal opportunity of getting touches on the ball and doing so with very few rules.

Lions4s  provides young players a comfortable, friendly environment as one or two friends are formed almost immediately and the fun aspect is perfect to just let them play. As the youngsters are having fun the game itself becomes the teacher. Since five and six year old children are absolutely selfish, they will refuse to share the ball with teammates, and identifying this is very important for the coach. The club recognise players learn more from playing the game than from the coach. During the game players are supported and encouraged as opposed to being coached.  Coaching can take place during the pre-match drills period.
Wolston 9The playing/match time is broken down into four quarters; with the length of each quarter dependent upon total time available.  During each break the children have a drink and a quick reassuring chat with mum and dad.  The third quarter is unmanned, i.e. the kids take charge for a while…after all it’s THEIR game so let’s give it back them!!!

Throughout the next year few months the club is looking to invite other clubs to share in this concept and arrange joint coaching sessions under the Lions4s banner.